Bungie accidentally admitted their PVP is dead

imageThe split identity of Destiny has been something I’ve mentioned in passing and plan on writing about in more detail in the future. But today during a GDC panel, Bungie’s John Hopson cited stats that give more credence to what many of us have been saying: PVP is not in line with the identity of the game. Their findings show that Destiny players spend time doing a wide variety of activities.The breakdown, however, is somewhat misleading, as they break apart all of the PVE activities and leave PVP on its own.image So at a quick glance is looks like PVP represents an equal share of how players spend their time. The reality? It barely represents 15% of what players in Destiny choose to do when they sit down to the game. Now, some might say that Patrol, Story, and Strikes take more time by default so naturally claim more of the pie. But the truth is they are pieces of the game that can be engaged with in short bursts just like PVP matches. One strike is roughly equal to one PVP game, so gamers are simply choosing to play the PVE elements of the game more… a lot more.

Insult to Injury

Revealing these numbers in a public setting where the gaming community is watching and reporting is a little confusing to me. Bungie has been more focused on PVP events like the Iron Banner as well as somewhat controversial weapon balancing that is primarily motivated by imbalances in PVP. Large portions of the community have been asking for more PVE content and special events as well as a cease fire on all the weapon tweaking that I argue invalidates many of the player decisions over the last 5 months. Since almost all of promised customization features are absent in the game, the most control Destiny players have is on the weapons they choose to upgrade and use. The continued nerfing and buffing of weapons that were either heavily invested in or cast aside makes the game feel like an imbalanced PVP shooter that keeps having to move the goal posts, instead of a large and custom RPG experience where player decisions impact outcomes and results. So it is doubly frustrating to see that so much focus has been put on the smallest represented portion of the game. And really, is anyone surprised?

Color me un-shocked

The data cited by Bungie is the most unsurprising news since hearing that water is wet. They marketed and built a game that offers a glimpse into what could be a large and expansive massive online RPG experience. So it should come as no surprise that the community is spending almost 90% of its time ignoring the sub-par and unimpressive PVP portion of the game. I’m glad they revealed this data because it’s both affirming and empowering to those of us who ignore the PVP portion of the game both as a matter of protest and because it’s boring and not why we bought the game. Let’s just hope that more gamers and critics latch on to this data and keep the pressure on Bungie to focus on the part of the game that players are both vocally and experientially showing matters more.

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14 thoughts on “Bungie accidentally admitted their PVP is dead

  1. Woops. Usually dead PVP means something is wrong. Hackers or poor matchmaking. Hilarious that he oopsed it though.

  2. Oh god, that is such a beautiful oops~

  3. if you ask me i spend more time in the raid than anywhere else
    when i first started strike took up to an hour to complete meaning new players should also be having this issue unless they have a higher level friend helping them farm

    cautiously going through nightfall can take up to an hour also and the weekly aswel, i also do this on 3 characters where as i would only do PVP on 1 characater, not to mention how many times people have asked me for help with their nightfalls

    bounties generally take you to patrol which can take time to complete

    have you thought that since the dark below was released more people need to glimmer farm and since that pvp gives about 200 glimmer every 10 minutes people would naturally find easier ways such as the venus loot cave(atleast 2000 glimmer per 10 minutes) or exclusion zone farming (5000 glimmer per 10 minutes or so i’ve heard)

  4. Pvp’s lag is incredibly bad and ruins the experience. The only reason I know is because of the exotic bounties that require you to go into crucible. Lulz

  5. While I’d agree that some story missions can be short, most take longer than 10 to 12 minutes on their first play through, let alone others. Strikes rarely take less than 10 minutes, and patrols last as long as individuals want them to. Trying to compare any of the above to Crucible matches via time is an absurd way to measure activity.

    Instead, have a think about how the balance of weapons in pvp has been a primary focus in all but the last patch, events have been heavily pvp-focussed, and 3rd party websites have been launched around the pvp aspect of the game.

    Just about the only incentive to play pve is for the guaranteed drops from playlists, with a side-nod to bounties for levelling gear. Raids are the only other activity worth doing long term and yet, barely 9% of the gaming community for Destiny has achievements or trophies for doing them.

    The simple truth here is that a lot of people were sold on the pve aspect, myself included, but the data for games like this tends to show that pvp is where the hard-core of long term players sticks around.

    Given the recent boost of sales from CE and Christmas, coupled with barely 6 months of gaming life, added to a prerequisite to play through what is inevitably a pve focussed levelling process for characters and gear alike, are you even remotely surprised by the time-based stats? If and when Bungie release numbers based on players as opposed to time spent, I imagine the shoe will be on the other foot.

    Or do you think that Call of Duty is primarily bought for its campaign too? Do your job properly, Instead of sensationalising journalism.

    • Ya, that’s not going to happen. This guy is a retarded shill who wants to appeal to the self-entitled whiner crowd of Destiny.

      Did you see his last video on the new patch? He spent five minutes arguing that the nerfs shouldn’t have happened because we were promised advanced character customization.

      How are those two things even related. Lol.

      • They are related because I was arguing that the weapon nerfs and buffs continue to invalidate player decisions making the game feel less and less about a customized experience and more about a micromanaged experience. We barely have any influence over how we look, and that’s because of promised features left out. So the one thing we have any choice in continues to be invalidated by nerfs and buffs. Assault rifles are pretty much pointless, so anyone who spent lots of time upgrading them has had that choice undercut by the continous nerfs. So yes, it is about customization and the lack of that element in the identity of a game that promised us a completely customizable game.

  6. Destiny is dead sort your game out. Online is pure lag!!!! Raid is lag, story?? What fing stoy!!!! It could be so much but is so very little. #WORTHLESSBUNGIE.

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  12. This is very gratifying to see.I find pvp stupid, unessecarry, not the reason i bought the game, hal f assed ,tacked on. Im good enugh to get thorn 3 times w each class. Pvp exists to cater to the COD scumbags. And trials of osiris is an act of desparation

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