Why Borderlands Handsome Collection is Good News

borderlands handsome collectionGaming has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. Everyone feels burned out by over-hyped titles, bad DLC practices, and buggy launches. With bigger marketing budgets and more pre-order incentives than ever before, games continue to prime the pump for disappointment and frustration. But the clouds are clearing and light is breaking through. Borderlands the Handsome Edition coming to next-gen consoles is good news for everyone, not just gamers who have the newer systems.

A Better Standard

The port and re-release of the two Borderlands titles is proof the market is ripe for a better standard of game. With the landscape of next-gen launches being somewhat embarrassing, it’s not surprising that a solid franchise has decided to step onto the field. In a sense, Borderlands can stand tall and show everyone how its done. Pretty much every gripe against big next-gen titles right now is answered in Borderlands. The games aren’t just fun, with good voice acting and a creative story, they have lots of content and multiple playthroughs and characters for great replayability.

Not Enough Content

The amount of DLC that Gearbox provided for Borderlands 1 & 2 is insane. It is unfortunate that the extra content for the The Pre-Sequel has been so lack luster. But given that the Handsome Edition comes with two full games and every single piece of DLC available, a few weak pieces in the mix can be forgiven. This amount of content being dropped, packaged in one release, is good for gamers because it can set a standard and a consumer expectation for future next-gen titles. In the same way that wireless competitors match each other with minutes and price, other game companies will hopefully feel some pressure to offer more content with their games. And if the Homeworld Remastered pre-orders are any indication that a new standard can happen, things may be able to change for the better.

Embrace Mayhem

If you’re a fan of the franchise or you enjoy RPG shooters, then you need to snag this stout content heavy release. The more we rally behind games that offer us lots of content the more other companies will prioritize it. Planning on getting it?

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